Friday, 3 April 2015

Lowongan Terbaru 2015 Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk

Lowongan Danamon 2015

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. established in 1956. The name is derived from the Bank's "monetary fund" and was first used in 1976, when the company changed its name from Bank Kopra.

In 1988, Bank Indonesia launched a banking reform package known as the "Package October 1988" or PAKTO PAKTO 88 88. The main objective is to establish competition in the banking sector to ease the requirements, including the liberalization of regulations on the establishment of new domestic private banks and joint-bank venture. As a result of these reforms, the Bank became one of the first foreign exchange banks in Indonesia, and became a public company listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Lowongan Terbaru 2015 Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk dengan posisi :

Account Officer - SEMM
Branch Manager - Retail Banking
Credit Officer - SEMM
Personal Banking Officer - Retail Banking
Relationship Manager - Retail Banking
SME Development Program - SMEC
Teller - TSMG

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